Centennial Loop Mid-week

Centennial Loop Mid-week

Slept like a rock and on the rare occasion I sleep past 6am, it means I am fatigued and not up for exertion.

AM: 15 min strength in the living room. Lorie always finds me fumbling around with KB swings, unco burpees and now today, a few Turkey Get-ups. Start lying down, a few steps later I’m upright with 1 arm extended holding the KB.

Here’s my goal… 6 get-ups per side with a 16kg KB AND separately single leg squats. I’d sub a 2:30 marathon for that. Not even close to one single leg squat which IMO is impossible. 15 min strength is all I can handle, before enjoying a 6km at 6 min/km jog to work. 2 days where my left tibial is sore.

Lunch: joined two of the nicest girls in HuRTS, Renee and Elle, for an easy 70 min into Centennial. Elle requested grass due to shin splints and I had no objection to a flat, soft run. Nice and easy pace and a vibe in CP that makes you forget it’s a work week.

Lots of J-walking, traffic lights is the main downside as you roll down Oxford St. This is digestible because I’m a little sick of wharves. Closed out the mandated 14km feeling great. Ankle was warm and no longer sore.

20km for the day.

Tomorrow is HuRTS 8x1km reps. Maybe it’s too difficult for my faltering body…

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