Centennial LR

Centennial LR

90 min writhing on KM’s operating table. In KM’s words, ‘knotted up left quad, usual right ITB (tightness)’. When I poked the quad the feedback was an over-done blade steak. 12 hrs later, the elasticity is back and now I’m enjoying a rare scotch fillet.

So it’s back to the CP routine. Lingering soreness was gone by 3km as I passed USYD. Made the 7am Kiosk start noting a massive SOTB turnout. Usual 10km loop with the the hilly Woollahra Gates segment.

Banter solid all the way with Neil, CT and Jeet describing the unfoldings at North Head. There was a good front pack till 6km before CT, Lewis, Neil and Robin were left for dead.

More relaxed pace today or so I thought. Strictly 4:30s with the heat sapping the energies of the whole bunch. A two way split at 7km water stop (Fox Gates) and a final fracture up the hill after Neil decided to surge. Having done my speed yesterday, I ambled along happily as did Lambert, Jerome, Fats, Champ, Ray and a few others.

Last 10km with Fats as he tapers for 6FT on one inner loop then a reverse CCW dirt loop. The guy is not easy to follow on dirt. Poor Champ followed briefly but was never seen again somewhere near Alison Rd. I’ll send flowers to his wife.

Pace held at 4:30s as the watch hit 31km. Fats was done and so was I.

All I could think of was water. Dehydration aside, fantastic run with the whole leg tightness no longer holding me back.

Capped off a brilliant morning down at Marrickville catching up with Conway and the girls. The former destroyed a Bowen’s B&E roll with double bacon double egg. Very messy.

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