Centennial, No Blackmores

Centennial, No Blackmores

Some regrets not battling the CBD roads with the masses today in either the half or full. Sydney course does not appeal. I know the course too well (not fast) and perhaps it’s one for 2016. 

Solid, albeit small company in CP today. Merry band included new guys Andy and Matt, as well as Craig, D Kane and another.

We tried to maintain the usual 10k loop, but struggled dodging the marathon set-up. Sadly no sight of the elites. Ran alongside Andy for much of the double 10km lap. We had the park to ourselves!
Managed to hold the 4:30s to 4:40s pace. 
With the warm-up, 18km in the Park and cool-down, watch shows 34km in 2:42. The plan was 25km but I’m terrible with maths and the wind-back then cool-down adds up! 
Congrats to everyone that ran Blackmores. 
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