Centennial Tempo

Centennial Tempo


An easy Bay Run with Matt and Izzy – family affair – followed by 10x20s strides on KG Oval. I also brought Molly along who seems to be getting back in shape. The perfect way to spend a public holiday in my opinion!


Jogged in today as a warm-up for what was coming at lunch. Jogged over to Centennial by myself. Unfortunately I was stood up by Champ. Once I hit the Fox Gates, it was time to throw in some speed. Circled the inner loop on the concrete path for 1.25 laps, covering exactly 4k. This was undertaken at around MP (3:30s give or take).

The tempo splits were: 3:32, 3:37, 3:23, 3:30.

This did not feel easy and I’d say my lungs were not cooperating today. I conclude I am out of shape. After a 4k slow c/d, I banked 15k all up at lunch.

The questions occupying my mind today include:
– which running pram should I try next? The Phil & Ted was a big fail..
– will anyone actually subscribe to the TPG mobile offer given what seems to be an inferior network?
– when is Masterchef going to start?

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