Centennial with 3.5k at MP

Centennial with 3.5k at MP

After yesterday’s massage I realise that my PF issues step from knotting in the calves, which in turn is compensation for a tight right ITB. Kevin did not hold back and whilst I stumbled home in pain, I knew I’d be right today.

So the plan was to meet Champ at 6:30am near my place and in the soaking rain and darkness we plodded East towards the park. Went down Para Road, turning right near Central and finally linked into the squad at 7:15 on the back side of the inner loop. Spent the next 30 mid running up and down the length of the team catching up with the likes of JFen, Eoin, LJ, Timmy and Craig. Got through lap #1 and to my surprise Timmy (+3) convinced me to do a 3.5k tempo of the inner loop.

Not sure why I agreed but perhaps due to the lack of speed work I have done this week? Led from the front and really struggled at my chosen 3:30s pace on sore legs. Needed a c/d lap to settle the breathing.

In the end this was an MLR with a short 3.5k tempo at MP.

Will look to do a mix of running / weights / swimming this week. Down in Melb from Wednesday for a few days.

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