Centennial with Pick-up

Centennial with Pick-up

Ad-hoc decision to run Centennial on Saturday. Honestly, not motivated by anything other than a desire to eat breakfast in the area.

Single-runs, no speed this week should mean I’m fresh. Not so. Felt sluggish running through Erskinville before entering CP after 13km. Crossed paths with Lewis and later, Timmy L who I knew would be in and around. Struggled to keep 4:40s solo. In my desperation I added a single loop (3.5km) pick-up at 18km. Pace ticked to 3:35s; what a laboured effort.

Exited park at 24km, Sean Williams’ squad hurting themselves on Mount Steel hill before meeting the wife at Kepos Street Kitchen.

Last 5 min had me jogging in circles till the clock hit 2:00. Runner’s OCD but what can you do.

Just shy of 26km in exactly 2 hours. 4:40 min/km ave. pace. 

Highlight of a cracking morning was actually not the run. These lazy brunch days are soon to end.

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