City 2 Surf Recon

City 2 Surf Recon

The lead up to C2S typically sees HuRTS team agreeable in substituting endless Centennial Laps for some Heartbreak Hill and Bondi Rd action.

It’s my 4th time up HH and honestly today was the hardest. Got out at 6:10am enabling me to join the 6:30am group for half the warm-up lap. Much better turnout than 2 weeks ago – Brendan, Fats, Jeet, Timmy, Craig, Jackie O, Birchy and others I forget.

Picked up a few stragglers and come 7am we were off. A steady decline down Ocean Rd and then right into it. Struggled to keep pace with the likes of a fresh Jeet and even the 4:40s was too much for Timmy/Jackie who were quickly dropped.

By the time I hit Lyme Park, I stared at the incoming climb and became nervous. Normally my legs come good after 7km but with the wear-and-tear from the week, they were not ready.

The climb was OK and my strategy was tuck in behind Jeet. A few Ks later it was time for the Bondi Rd climb and by then I was in a tired holding pattern. Just four of us made the summit (the rest who knows). Big relief traversing across Bondi J which is a net downhill. The real treat as meeting Lorie and Trinity for breakfast at Redfern. Tired, cold and hungry… the best way to approach a meal.

33km all up at 4:47s. 

Hopefully these hills give me the strength to PB at C2S.

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