Coach Assisted Swim at A.B.C

Coach Assisted Swim at A.B.C

Resting the feet today. Wise decision as I feel a few niggles from 120km last week and Sunday’s race. This meant skipping the 8×5 min intervals around Farm Cove.

Lined up the diary with Yum Cha Wong for some secret swim coaching A.B.C. Turns out it was a good decision. Funny enough, Jeet was also loitering in the pool area.

YC set the task of 1km hanging onto his feet. I’m told drafting is a ‘real thing’ in the pool. Turns out, this is true! Held on for 400m at 55s/lap, then started to fall away. Luckily, coach was willing to wait at each lap end. Hit 500m in 9 min flat (record).

Battled again for another 500m in my desperation to stroke his toes. Some laps success, other laps no where near. Enjoyed the challenge.

Stopped the clock at 18:17, suggesting 9:17 for the 2nd half. So it’s true, drafting helps.

Closed out the swim with 200m with a floaty wedged up my groin, then 400m avoiding drowning whilst free-styling with closed fists. I love the challenge of staying alive!

Thanks to Coach Yum Cha for a great swim. If I were a betting man, he’s on track for sub-16 min 1km on Friday (the time trial). If this eventuates, some celebratory spring rolls will be consumed.

1.6km swimming, 4km running. The cool-down around Farm Cove saw me cross paths with the HuRTS runners on rep #7. Only Crossy was up front. Saw the likes of Timmy, Renee and others sheepishly jogging at the tail.

Redleaf with Conway and Co tomorrow. That’s 7km run, a dip, then 4km return. It will be warm.

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