Colour Run

Colour Run

Last night, a 10-course wedding banquet at The Century featuring my all-time favourites in lobster, clams with XO sauce and sharks-fin soup. Thought I’d be OK for Sunday LR, but that’s before the Peking Duck came out. Suffice to say, I think I know why the Chinese can’t run marathons.

Still felt optimistic enough to meet HuRTS for the standard CP run. Linked into the 6:30am group at the back of Golf Course settling into a nice 4:40s. A few including Elle, Lambert, LJ and Eoin(?) may already have started at an ungodly 6am.

Cracking morning to do the usual 10km loop. Seems the Colour Run was on today and so as little time in the park as possible was preferred. LJ assumed pace setting duties and chose 4:30s. Not well received by legs that felt 50kg as we headed up Anzac Parade.

Loop 1 done, now loop 2 with those that were doing 25km plus – namely Timmy, LJ, Birchy, Eoin, Elle and Lambert before he disappeared. Faster pace again! Honesty I was glad to see others suffering b/c I was too. With relief, I broke off 7km into loop 2 and went back East to meet Lorie for breakfast. The crowds descending on CP were ridiculous.


Last 30 min, the reality of a really good LR spurred me to bank an extra few Ks. This was done around Alexandria as I knew a fine breakfast with the girls awaited. Kepos St Kitchen.

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-21 at 2.58.45 PM

A run where it was all about time-on-the-feet (not distance): 2hrs 45min at 4:40s. This gets me up to maybe 130km for the week? Not bad although very little speed in there.

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