Cookie Time and HuRTS 2x20min

Cookie Time and HuRTS 2x20min

Just the ‘real‘ troops happy keep the training kicking over this close to Xmas. Initially I thought my legs would be OK, but within 400m it was clear the quads were protesting at sub 3:30s.
Immediately, I backed it off allowing Tom, JFen, Nick and DT lead whilst I scrapped around for company some 5-10s/km slower.

A bit of a mix up around the Gardens (detour) saw me drop behind Enda/Kiwi Mike, but quickly clawed this back with Heyden’s help. Barts came surging through at the Hyatt and I tucked onto his slipstream to the turnaround. Marker at 20 min was Barangaroo entrance. Front guys 50m ahead.

After 3 min easy float, it was back into the headwind. Solo this time and I could tell my pace was lacking today. Passed the core bunch at Mrs Mac chair and come Art Gallery, I added Champ and Timmy to the scalps. Last 400m saw Tom sneak up and I missed what he said. I assumed it was a taunt and thus up’ed the pace to finish with 15s to spare.

Km splits:
– 3:39, 3:42, 3:33, 3:37, 3:31
– 4:00 (float), 3:53 (part float)
– 3:30, 3:29, 3:28, 3:29, 3:23

11.8km in 42:45 at 3:37 min/km. That looks pretty slow but all things considered, a decent hit-out.

With almost everyone so wrecked and deflated from the set, it was Champ that made the whole set worthwhile. I’m sure the starving team will back me up here. Hidden behind the fence was a bag of magic cookies for a select few to feast on.

The real story is that his lovely wife has skill in the kitchen. Below was my allocation, thoughtfully waterproofed in zip lock bag. The little ginger man lost his left arm on the journey home. Lorie got the starfish, I finished off the man.

So very thoughtful. Good gingery flavour, not to overpowering and that nice chewy texture.

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