Cooks River Lasoo

Cooks River Lasoo

3 hours is a good max-time-on-the-feet during a marathon build-up.  6am to 9am was the goal but the pre-run bathroom trip alone sowed some seeds of self-doubt.

Start point Rozelle shops in pitch black meeting Tym. Rather than CP (per the plan), he pitched a  lasoo shaped circuit featuring a 12km segment along Cooks River. Fine by me.

5:30s net downhill through Marrickville then Sydnenam to start the river segment. Did not feel great and at 10km, I was already thinking of an exit plan. Mind was too fuzzy for a suitable excuse so I simply followed TB in his much fresher state.

Excellent water views to start, then as you head west the experience deteriorates. Past Hurlstone Park, I may as well have been in Mumbai. Finally, the river ends at Strathfield (~20km) where it was back east on suburban streets.

Chat started to settle and it was strange because bang on 30km, the body clicked. I may as well have just started my run. Poor TB looked a little wobbly back at the Bay Run and so I verbally coached him to 34km before cutting back through Cullen Park in a state of grace. Pace was 4:30s.

37.9km at 4:45s. Ran in circles to get the timer to 3:00.

Headed over to Revolver Cafe with the girls and did not hold back. Double poached eggs, multiple inches of chorizo and sweet potato fritters.


Not done yet. Best baked eggs in Sydney.


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