Cremorne Point

Cremorne Point

The eclectic suburb of Cremorne Point is without doubt one of the best places to visit on a hot spring day. It’s obviously a challenge for a bunch of OCD runners to ‘break’ the routine, but we had a willing team. The Brannagan Brothers, Renee, sweaty Craig Wiseman, Elle and Worswick and James (the long haired guy).

We went direct via Cahill Expressway. It was quickly apparent I was the only one familiar with the Cremorne Area. Craig to a much lesser extent. Led the team out to the Point and the feedback was incredibly positive in spite of the hills.

That’s before we took the back way loop, which involves a crap load of stairs, and an extra little hill. By then legs were nicely warmed up, though judging by the stair walking and crawling-pace of the stragglers, they didn’t like this decision. Finally crawled our way back to the bridge, by which time the group had split into slow, and even slower.

Over the 70 min I was out there, I learnt one thing – Craig needs to only look at cake or chocolate to put on weight. The salted caramel brownie on Saturday cost him 1.5kg. 14km done and lots of elevation change in the legs. I was really hungry the whole run.

Caught up with Chairman Tom in the afternoon, dropping the POTY trophy from 2015. I asked whether he is getting his name engraved on it for 2016. All I got back was a confident shrug….

HuRTS Awards Night tomorrow. Can’t wait, though I have an 8pm flight which means limited ability to stick around.

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