Cremorne Point

Cremorne Point

A little cold today, perhaps too chilly to hit up Redleaf. I’m also still deliberately staying away from speedwork hence the Mona Fartlek was off the agenda.

Met Erika at NAB ATM, cutting through CQ and up to Cahill where we were to meet Champ. He was a no-show! Legs felt quite good today though Erika still had the wobbles from hills on Tuesday. So the pace was nice and steady as we headed NOTB out to Cremorne Point.

A good 9k in the bank at the Point before heading back the direct way. I was sort of dreading the returning hills but before I knew it, we were coasting downhill on the bridge. Pleasant run, good company in E. I could really use some of her mental strength in stepping up my training for 2017.

14.5k at 5:12s. 

#2 has started kicking Lorie from inside. That must mean it is alive. Yay.

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