Cremorne Point

Cremorne Point

Cremorne Point

Another trip over to North Shore. I crawled (yes, crawled) up to the meet spot to find Craig, Birchy, Renee and a new guy Jack. Toby later joined us as we headed across Cahill Expressway. The low point for the run happened in the first 2k over the bridge:

– my legs were tired and resisted the climb
– Birchy gave me a serve for yesterday’s defamatory entry on his very slow running pace.

Found myself chatting to this Jack fellow. 22 yr old … and married! That in itself was enough to spark my interest. Ran with Jack out to the Point, realising in the process we had left the rest behind. By then it was a little too late to wait so we pushed on back into the CBD.

Felt way better at the end that the start. Cracking way to close out what has been a good week.

13k all up.

Massage tomorrow – 3 weeks after my last. The hope is that Kevin magically fixes my old man back issues.

Food gossip. This week Lorie claims she has found a potentially good cafe called Hide and Seek on North St Leichhardt. Does this look appealing?

I think not.

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