Cremorne Point

Cremorne Point

Cremorne Point

Left ankle sore as is the right knee thanks to my clumsy fall yesterday. Thankfully, it’s the sort that is unrelated to say over-use injury.  That said, discomfort is discomfort.

Lunch set was 14×3 min but I decided to defer quality to Thursday. Next best thing is base (+ hills) where I lured an unsuspecting Champ as +1.

12:20 start at the Pillars, back around Farm Cove to find a big team on #3. After laughing off invitations to participate, we climbed onto Cahill then over NOTB. From here, it’s a combo of heat + hills as you work towards Cremorne Point.

Intention to run to the Point failed as 200m pas the pool, the watch was at 9km and I was tired! Legs felt better and we pushed the inclines returning to MP. Still 4:45s pace but given the elevation the workout is decent. Finished the run with a 500m surge pillar to pillar on the bridge at 3:30s. Felt fantastic.

Pretty hungry and thirsty after 14km at 4:55s. I feel it was a quasi-strength session.

Back at home, here is Trinity approaching the 5 month mark…



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