Cremorne Point

Cremorne Point

In the last 4 weeks I have been too scared to venture NOTB for good reason – it is hilly and when you are tapering, hills = bad. Took my chances and ran with Ray W and Yum Cha out to Cremorne Point. The Spring has clearly come early which made me tempted to jump into the pool. YC did, whilst RW and I headed over to Reid Park before returning the same way.

Great chat with RW, who basically makes a meal doing 2:40-2:50 in any low-key, regional marathon event in Australia that he can find. In fact, when I asked why he was slow today, he revealed on Sunday he did the Adelaide Marathon! I did not even know Adelaide hosts running events. A good run all round. The legs definitely feel better. The OCD in me ensured that I zig zaged outside the change room when I realised the watch said 14.97.

15km in 70 min. 

Here is two photos from C2S. Thanks Champ!



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