Cremorne Point

Cremorne Point

Without doubt the cumulative load has caught up with me today – the legs are heavy. Nonetheless, I wanted some hills purely for strength building purposes. Seems my suggestion to head NOTB was well received by HuRTS.

Started at 12:10pm, and headed straight across Cahill X towing a good crowd with Lambert, Enda, Brendan, Renee, the Irish Brothers and later Ray and Jerome. I hear poor Champ missed the gun time and was spotted wondering around Kurraba Point like a lost Thai soldier.

The pace sat at 4:50s give or take, which is actually hard given the undulations. 6.5km out to Cremorne Point. From there, a fork provides an opportunity to extend the loop. Half the group had no interest, whilst the tough ones (Ray, Renee, Lambert and Jerome) followed me.

Got back to the Bridge feeling just fine, chatting to Renee about female serial killers. I’ve told her she needs to watch Dexter. A great series.

14.5km at 4:55s.

Due to the rain, I had to commute on foot both ways.

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