Cremorne Point and Abbotsford

Cremorne Point and Abbotsford

Cremorne Point and Abbotsford

Friday – Point

Having knocked out my weekly swim on Thursday, I reverted back to the pavement with HuRTS. Plodded up to the usual Macquarie St spot at lunch to meet Kevin, Renee, Jerome and later Ray for the Cremorne Loop. Truthfully I wanted to do wharves but the others were obviously happy to battle the NOTB hills.

Jogged over Cahill chatting to Renee about all things shoe-related. Pace was modest as I quietly ignored the soreness running up my right arch. A few more K of this past Jerome’s place and by the time we circled the mini round about at the Point (8k done) I wanted to head back

This unfortunately meant I was on my own – the others choosing the long loop which has stairs and more hills around the back of Cremorne. Shuffled my way back to up Milsons Point, over the bridge and down the carpark spiral to complete the run.

15k all up. I should have stuck to the wharves.

Saturday – Long Run

Brought forward my long-run (well sort of). Pitch black at 6:15am therefore too early to head out. Strapped on the weights gloves, grabbed the Kettlebells and worked my way through a solid 35 min rotating between:
– body weight exercises
– KB reps for the legs and arms
– core work

Finished that with relative ease by which time Champ had messaged me requesting company for a 20k’er. At the time I didn’t know I was going to run. ogged out in crisp conditions, mild drizzle and ran 5k down Queen’s Road which was the meeting spot. From there, we did the reverse Abbotsford-Drummoyne loop at a fairly steady 4:50s.

Time passed pretty easily as whilst my quads were a little tender from the weights, the rest of me is quite fresh. Looped around Drummoyne, back through Callum Park before heading down Lilyfield Rd towards Bicentennial. The intention was really to stay on the feet to get to 2 hours.

25k at 4:52s. So I’d consider this a modified LR with 40 min strength + 2 hours on foot. Niggles feel less prevalent than yesterday which is a good thing.

We finished up at Revolver Cafe for a solid coffee and bite.

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