Not a bad day to ease back on the mileage. Waited for the storm to pass between the 6:30-7:30am window during which it was 60 min of ad-hoc cross-training. Like my running, there’s no exact science to what I do aside from the attitude ‘if I’m in control but it hurts and my heart rate goes up, then it must be good‘. I’m yet to injure myself.

Top 3s:
– Most hated: mountain climbers, kettlebell step-ups, anything quad-related
– Least hated: burpees, high knees on the spot, sit-up twists
– Needs improvement: Turkish get-ups, side planks, single piston squats

Rain had cleared nicely at 7:30 so I headed out for a Bay Run consisting of:

– 5k warm-up at 5:00s, then
– 5k soft-tempo at 4:00s

Didn’t have the heart or legs to push harder than 4:00s, so overall I was happy with 10k at 4:30s. Rounded out the morning by meeting Lorie, Trinity & Elle at LPAC for the usual 8:30am swimming lessons and songs.

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