Cross Training

Cross Training

Cross Training

Disruptive Thursday thanks to a stomach bug. Didn’t even make it to work so no chance to run.

Substituted with 30 min cross training. Charlie showed me a few new techniques which should help build my core strength. I worked these in alongside kettlebells.

Zero running for the day, a new record.

Friday – back on deck. Ran out to Garden Island with Sam and Brendan both of whom are a little injured (so it was easy). I actually doubled up on the XT that morning which meant my legs were strangely dead. The course was an out and back at maybe 4.45s. 12k all up.

Saturday – pram run. I always try to get to 20k which I feel is almost a long run given the added resistance provided by 20kg.

Ran down to Canterbury Racecourse, hitting the Cooks River and then tracking that all the way to Tempe. Had to meet Lorie and Elle at Revolver and so I snaked my way back through Marrickville. Trinity asked for Mama about 20 times.

21kat 4.50s. Trinity absolutely loves there runs – I assume that’s why she babbles so much.

The best bit was the Revolver weekend special – Salmon, quinoa, avocado, kale and poached eggs in a skillet ($18.50).

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