Cross Training

Cross Training

AM: Motivation is quite variable nowadays but today I felt better. Pondered an early swim at Leichardt but the consistent rain was a deterrent.

First 2km at 7 min/km! Is it possible to run that slow? To be fair these included some high knee drills plus heel kicks. Continued such ad-hoc drills to 8km, then added 4×20 dips plus 4×20 push-ups to maintain the integrity of the run for the last 8km 
Ran through various suburbs including Haberfield, Five Dock and eventually the Bay Run. Always good to mix it up. 
Got back just shy of 16km and ran in circles out the front. A nice round 16km in 90m at 5:45 min/km.
Shoulders are sorer than the legs.

PM: first time at my local pool (Leichardt Aquatic Centre). Bought a 20 pass, largely as motivation to get wet over the forthcoming summer. Perched on the ledge at the deep end for 5 min stressing about the ‘cold’ 27 degree pool temp. Then I took the plunge, splashed around for 46 min covering 2.0km.

The 500m splits were

– 11:10
– 11:15
– 11:30
– 11:40


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