Dawn and Dusk Runs

Dawn and Dusk Runs

Back solving for a 7:30am flight … 6:40am taxi, 10 min to get ready, 60 min recovery run, 5:30am out the door, 5:15am alarm. Completely surreal heading down to the Bay Run pre-sunrise but a first for me. The rowers and even some hardcore boot camp sessions were my main company.

Left ankle still a little sketchy so I treated with caution. Mildly better than Monday, and the soreness dispersed after 10 or so minutes. 1km at 6:00s, moving to 5:00s by 4km crossing Iron Cove Bridge then into the suburbia of Drummoyne. Extended CCW loop marked by Lyons Road then Five Dock Park. Pace picked up and by 10km I found myself at 4:00s. Perhaps it’s the Tuesday-itis where I would normally nail a lunchtime tempo.

Blowing hard on the 800m stretch ascending baack up to Orange Grove School at sub-4s. Walked in the door bang on 6:30 having banked 13km in 60 min.

Long day in Melbourne and back in the pm. Too much sitting left me restless as I returned home. Thus, part 2 was taking Molly out for a 5km late evening stroll at 5:45s.

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