Difficult and somewhat stressful week leaving me somewhat reluctant to roll out of bed let alone think about my fitness. Nonetheless, I use running as a de-stresser which how the last few days has played out.

Wednesday – a solid 30 min cross training session in the morning – all is coming along well. Lunch was with Tym Blackwell for a catch up jog. If you think you are unlucky with niggles and chronic injuries then think again. Anyway, he was actually standing (and limping) today post a long holiday from running. We hugged the water out to Barangaroo largely discussing:
– importance of a high cadence
– why is the NBN so slow
– an outbreak at our local pool (LPAC) that causes months of chronic diarrhoea

Covered about 11k after we cut back into the CBD from Barangaroo. I’m rethinking Saturday swim lessons…

Thursday – strange one in the morning. Was riding my bike past Wentworth Park and hopped off onto my feet. Why did this happen? Don’t know. Ran onto the field, took off the helmet and worked my way into 10x200m run-throughs. A slow jog back allowed me to bank 3.8k. Back onto bike and into work.

Lunch – Hickson wharves and Barangaroo with Wooey. 10k in total but largely a way to clear my mind. Got back feeling better though I can’t say the same about Wooey. Legs do not feel overly fresh today.

Friday – another 30 min cross training. The focus was pure bodyweight, core and arms. Lunch was an easy decision with Craig / Yum Cha making it clear that we were to run the usual wharves course before picking up the SMH bib at Town Hall. Also in attendance was Lambert and Steve P. It was one of those 12k runs that felt like 20. I’m not in good shape.

Picking up the bib was surprisingly fuss-free, though the maze through merchandise stands is the sports equivalent of ikea. Saw some $20 Saucony items but I was not carrying any money. It was just Sweaty Craig and I at the expo.

On departing work, Charlie’s wise advice was I need to get off my arse and race on Sunday. At the very least, I’ll turn up.

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