Simply put, the focus this week is to have fun. For me, that is 10-15k lunch runs at 5:00s. Got the usual aches, pains and complaints from my ankles and knees. Add to that, another cold which I’m yet to identify the origin (Trinity?). Happy to just run through these temporary hurdles.

Wednesday – Centennial

Mid-week Centennial. A great change you quickly forget it is a work day. Ran the long way around Garden Island. There was Chairman, Timmy, Brendan x2, JO’C, Renee, Chris and others. Some chat re Melb, but the real banter was ‘best blog‘. I proposed the only objective measure is website traffic – a stat I’m confident gives me the gold medal. In classic head-in-the-sand mentality, Tim and Chairman were not impressed.

One loop around the Park then back down Crown St. Cracking day, sore legs. 13km all up.

Thursday – Pyrmont

Easy to say ‘no’ to speedwork – I think others were doing 2k reps? Did an easy run out to Pyrmont wharves with Sam Towill. Met at the MAC building and did the usual wharves perimeter. I could have used his large frame for drafting last Sunday.

Good to stretch out the legs and clear the lungs. 12km all up.

Friday – Social Relay

Tempting to swim, but then I was due for a run with Erika post her amazing 84 flat at Melbourne. First 3km out to the end of Farm Cove with Charlie, left him and found Barts heading back to CQ. The update with Barts is he is injured, and 0% chance for JPM CC. Not easy running a 2:29 marathon, then 69 flat inside 6 weeks. Found Erika at the Hyatt, Barts dropped off and I ran out with E to Barangaroo. At the turn, Sonya joined in and we collectively cut back around the wharves.

Overall, a great way to spend 60 min. I skipped a farewell work lunch with little regret. Covered 13km in total. A little more spring in the step, offset by soreness in the ankle bone.

More easy runs for the weekend – Bay Run tomorrow, Centennial Sunday?

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