Double Pain – 10x400s plus 3km tempo. Rushcutters

Double Pain – 10x400s plus 3km tempo. Rushcutters

Double Pain – 10x400s plus 3km tempo. Rushcutters

An end to an era with Michael Conway, effectively the figurehead of my running crew, leading the session for the last time. Personally, I have MC to thank for many things: an intro to the group in Jan-12, a fierce 10km rival through 2012 as we were in 36 min shape, my current job and a great sounding board for all important food and fatherhood matters.

Paid my respect and turned up to attempt some portion of the 7x400s plus 3km tempo at Rushcutters. I hate this set because it feels half-baked: not quite a 10x400ms speed set and not a proper tempo.

Two groups, rolling 2:00s and 2:30s. If I do this properly, I’ll be at 70s/lap (low 3:00s I think) leaving a healthy 50s rest. First few were a massive struggle with the legs clearly in shock. I was well off the pace (#1 73s) and no match for the leaders in Darren Moyle, Nick Roberts, Brendan (#1 only) and a few yards back Kiwi Mike.

Lucky it was a case of moving up the field out to #7. By #5, I was hitting 68s leading group 1 and fighting the back 200m headwinds. Closed out #7 just behind a very strong Frenchman. With the crew taking a 3 min breather, I took the chance to round out 3 more in secret (back to 70-72s per lap). 10x400s. The ave pace was 2:59s which is decent!


Round 2, I’ve never actually completed the tempo as 3km is awkward. Started well back after no rest from #10 of the 400s. 3:36, 3:30 then 3:25 feeling out my MP on legs that by then, were pretty tired. I claimed the (not so) prized scalps of Timmy, Kiwi Mike, Heydo on #3 with many likely fading in the final stages.

3km at 3:30s ave pace. Same as my MP yet it felt so hard! I must have lost fitness

So happy to actually finish this difficult session with so many companions. I think I only saw 1 person pull up stumps prematurely on the tempo (SJ).

Despite the legs very fatigued, I couldn’t rest an extended C/D around Farm Cove with C/D with Sammy T, Conway, Charlie and Heyden. Rolled back into the change room having banked 3km + 4km + 3km + 6km = 16km at lunch. Magic.

I’ll confess with today’s morning commute, the mileage is over 20km.

Here are the photos courtesy of Timmy Lindop.

Erika, Renee, Frenchman, myself and Charlie below.


A team shot in the park.


Back in front of the cafe after some nice speeches.




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