Double Wharves

Double Wharves

Just trying to let the legs relax a little this early week. Flat terrain, 13-15k type runs.

Tuesday – Wharves

Skipped the Broken miles (whatever that is) and joined Jackie-O for an hour recovery around the wharves. I was there yesterday so to be honest the scenery is starting to get a little tiresome. Both of us are struggling with tight ITBs so there was a nice symmetry about our respective asymmetric strides.

I expected J to last 8k and hence was extremely pleased that she did 50% more. Though to be fair, I was the only one that touched the green door at Barangaroo. It’s a big deal.

Wednesday – Wharves

Out a little late. Went to Farm Cove expecting to see a larger group but only saw Worswick and Yum Cha. My heart sank a little, but sometimes you have no choice. Actually, the pace was just fine. Ran out to Barangaroo (again!) and back to CQ. JW dropped off at Barangaroo and so YC and I rounded out the last few K.

Stopped off at Hyatt, and one thought hit my mind ‘I have not run fast in 10 days’

Knocked out 10x30s run-throughs on the board-walk. Even had a mini cheer squad at the start point (a dad and his two daughters).


Jogged back having covered 15k all up. Legs feel better

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