Dragging Logs

Dragging Logs

One of those mornings where you sleep like a log and then realise you’ll be dragging two logs around the whole day.

Struggled up Anzac Bridge in the AM at 5:30s pondering whether to double up at lunch or go swimming.

Lunch turnout was big, very big. Maybe 20-strong with a long train of HuRTS stretching out over Farm Cove and beyond. Tried my best upfront to control the pace but it’s like beating back the tide. First split near Passenger Terminal, then multiple fractures even within the back group.

Still feeling sluggish, I happily waddled alongside the likes of Renee, Erika, Ed Wilson, Tom, Charlie and Brendan YC all the way down to Barangaroo and back. YC disappeared 8km and funny enough reappeared holding a bag of spring rolls 20 min later (as I was nearing my building).

By the end, the legs were in much better shape than 6am. That’s a good thing.

13km at 4:50s. 18km for the day.


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