Drummoyne Cove

Drummoyne Cove

Well into my 10 day staycation (aka paternity leave). The rain eased up come 6am and so I convinced myself to do another easy 90-100m run. Ran down to the Bay Run to meet the Running Science group on the back side near Rudd Point. They start at 6am near the IC Bridge and always head CCW which makes finding them easy.

Ran mainly with Fletch for a good 4k back to the Bridge. At that point I commented I only get out of bed for ‘double digits’. Of the 15-odd runners with us, it was just I that was not satisfied with a 7ker. To that end, I looped around Drummoyne East, then along the water up to Abbotsford before rejoining the Bay Run near Timbrell Park. Farther than I planned and felt like. I would describe my mood as flat and lacking-of-energy today. It could be any or all of bad sleep, crap weather or low iron.

22k at 4:50s ave pace.


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