Early Bay Run, Weekend Swim

Early Bay Run, Weekend Swim

Friday – Bay Run

Decided for the 2nd week running to join the Running Science 6am group. To my surprise Tym turned up and is now able to run a full loop after what has been a disastrous 2016 (injury, injury and injury).

Legs loosened up nicely during the CCW loop of the Bay Run whilst chatting to the likes of Belinda, a new girl from Melb, Marty and Fletch. Before I knew it, the loop was up and that left me with an easy 5km over Anzac and into work.

14k done and dusted before work.

Lunch – with a 45 min window (literally), the best I could do was a quick jog with Sam Towill around Pyrmont. I hate 1pm meetings but I suppose that’s the downside of a jog. Judging by the HuRTS Whatsapp chat, I missed a cracking Redleaf swim opportunity.

Saturday – LPAC

Why my legs feel so sore I am not sure? Jogged over to LPAC with the objective to splash and kick until the soreness eases. That’s what I did. Achieved my target 2k, then ploughed on for another 20 min. Once you get into a routine, staring at that black line becomes strangely soothing.

3.0k in 62 min. Must be a new record. Always a bonus when I can give the legs a rest.

Long run tomorrow.

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