Easter Short Long Run

Easter Short Long Run

A watered down long run, so much so the usual run out to CP would have resulted in maybe 3km in the park before having to head home. Thus, plan B was with the Striders starting Annandale where they did some giant loop through Pyrmont and CBD. Started solo, pitch black and found the crowd as they circled Pyrmont.

From here, hit Darling Harbour where I was solo. Headed back via Anzac Bridge then onto one final Bay Run adventure.

Meanwhile, I knew the sister and dad were Bay Run tourists today starting 7:30am (hence why I went back from the CBD). Found Izzy as she shuffled along on the Drummoyne side. By then, I was 20km in so happy to move along zombie style. After 3km, the 6:15s pace was simply unbearable, added to her inability to hold a conversation.

I love my sister but not that much. Ditched her at Callum Park and headed home to a sniffling daughter, sleep deprived wife and yappy (female) cavoodle. Women.

25km in 2:00. The energy level was pretty low today.

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