Easter Weekend

Easter Weekend

Headed over to my favourite 7k loop in Sydney – Bay Run. Agreed to meet Jeet at 7am KG Oval with the possibility of running into Champ later on.

Not everything worked to plan – for example I picked up Champ near Rudd Point, we did a 180 and found Jeet back at KG Oval some 40 min after the meeting time. Jeet was pretty apologetic and even had the nerves to blame is alarm clock? Jackie’O was even worse and was MIA today..

Anyway, we covered 2x laps of the Bay Run and left Jeet on his own devices given he was late. Covered a touch over 20k all up. The more interesting topics of conversation included:

– Neil’s predicted time at Boston
– Gear and shoe fails during races

And I thought my body should be in good shape given this week was low intensity, not too much mileage. Unfortunately, I can report sore back and the usual tight hip flexors.

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