Trying to get this frustrating few weeks behind me by easing up on the training. Last two days has been all about base.

Monday – recovery

Started the morning off at a work related breakfast. Couldn’t help sneaking the camera out when no one was looking.

Lunch time, an easy run with Erika and Elle on as flat a course as we could find. The loop took us around Hickson wharves, into Darling Harbour and around Jacksons. Stretched longer than I expected and in the end probably banked 13k.

Signs of improvement in the arch, albeit minor.

Tuesday – Cremore

Quite unusual for a Tuesday. Scrambled a little breakaway squad that were willing to skip the HuRTS set. Everyone had their own reasons with mine being my feet are sore.

Jac, Champ, the Brothers and Renaud joined me for a round trip to Cremorne. Had to deal with initial complaints from Champ and J but in the end I’m sure they enjoyed the hills. 

Pace was fairly solid and I was happy to even put a surge up at final hill as you come around the back of Cremorne. J looked pretty cooked on the way back so I hung with her and let the guys go.

14k in 67 min all up. Hillier than I wanted but got through it feeling alright.

I need a massage.

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