Easy 20k

Easy 20k

Probably the easiest 20k I’ve done in recent memories. The time just flew due to reasonable company (Jac, Matt), a cool mist that covered the Inner West, and brilliant water view on the chosen course. With Matt driving all the way over to the area I needed to make sure the views delivered.

Kept that pace at a super controlled 4:50s and led the two of them around Drummoyne, Chiswick and Abbotsford. Visibility was poor but that didn’t detract from the tranquil run. Closing bit was the least exciting – up Lyons Road and back across Iron Cove bridge to round out 20k.

Saw Tym B’s wife running across the bridge with their 6 year old daughter. Quite a heart-warming sight! I later learnt Tym then headed out for the same 3k loop with their 8 year old daughter. This could be me in 5 years.

21k at 4:50s (thereabouts). Legs started tired, and finished less tired.


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