Easy Ks

Easy Ks

Really winding back the Ks trying to establish a baseline level that I can sustain.

Wednesday – horrible headache through the whole night and it was no better in the AM. Inactive day at home. Terrible situation to be in.

Thursday – back at work feeling 30% better than yesterday. Was uncertain whether to try running but I gave it a shot. Met Sam T at the squashed car for an easy out and back to Garden Island. Luckily the pace was easy but what I noticed was the same tight ITB plus difficulty breathing through the lungs once the pace picked up.

8k all up.

Friday – feeling stronger today. Did the Pyrmont out and back with Sam again. Saw Renee and Jac loitering around on the wharves too. Managed to get to 11k which is a massive win.

Saturday – 60 min around Petersham Park and surrounds. Boy it was hot. I felt like I did on Thursday with the legs and lungs suffering pains. Got 12k done.

Must say, I’m not enjoying running as much as I used to.

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3 thoughts on “Easy Ks

  1. Kelly

    Is there any reason why you seem to have avoided any sort of physiotherapy (beside massage) over these ITB issues which look like they started at the end of September?

      1. Kelly

        I have had three types of physio:

        *semi expensive, come back every three days. (Took forever to fix. “Maybe you can’t run long?” Lots of rest.)
        *not quite as expensive, come back next week. (Took about three visits. Kept me running.)
        *super expensive, come back if these exercises and massage techniques haven’t fixed it in a month, but frankly it’s quite obvious what’s wrong with you and if you had active glutes, hamstrings that actually existed and upper back muscles that weren’t seized like a car that needs 19 cans of WD-40 your L5 vertebrae would be fine. (Got me running again, and kept me running. Also the exercises and massage techniques worked and I didn’t need to go back).

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