Easy on the hips

Easy on the hips

Heat picking up, so I’ve resolved to run 80% of the time, and swim 20%.

Monday – out and back to Garden Island. Really sore ITB after yesterday’s massive long run. Boy I was tempted to jump into the harbour.

Tuesday – ran into work, providing me with the motivation to not run at lunch. I.e. a swim at Ian Thorpe with Sam. Decided that I could only mentally get through 1.2k which today took me 23 minutes. Sam says my left arm goes limp out of the water and I look like a cripple.

Wednesday – an easy 12k around Pyrmont wharves. Not too many problems with my hip today. Win!

Photo of Trinity, taken by Lorie with her new lens. I’m not sure why a Digital Camera requires so many expensive add-ons.

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