Elora Laine

Elora Laine

Elora Laine

This happened last night – Elora Laine Ho. Arrived 2 weeks early, still full term but just 2.2kg (vs Trinity at 2.5kg). Initial thoughts are she could be a good runner.

Lorie and ‘Elle’ (her nickname) have pulled through just fine and I expect them to be home by Friday latest.

So it is that Trinity and I were left to fend for ourselves. Had the day off but was faced with an insurmountable challenge:

– Feed her warm milk for breakfast
– Nappy change
– Pack her lunch
– Choose an outfit
– Daycare drop-off as shown below.

Once that was done, I was free to do my run. Jogged over to RPA for a few hours. 6k there, 6k back with some irregular detouring. 12k for the day.

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2 thoughts on “Elora Laine

  1. Amanda

    Congratulations! I always think the arrival of baby number 2 is the cue for dads to shine. Not much you can do with a newborn so you get to be the fun parent to the (more fun at the moment, let’s be honest) older child. Either way, enjoy the exciting times.

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