End of the Week

End of the Week

Thursday – Rushcutters

Mixed it up today. Legs feel considerably better opening up more possibilities in terms of course. Met Champ for an easy out and back to Rushcutters Headland. Went the long way around Garden Island. Stomach was playing up the whole way, leaving me desperate to get back to work after I hit the 10k market. Added a few extra Ks around Botanic Gardens on the way back.

12k all up.

Friday –  Barangaroo

A ridiculously windy day. Ran with Jac, Yum Cha and Sweaty Craig on our usual easy course. We were hit with massive cross-winds and headwinds the whole way. Particular points of pain included the OH segment, and anytime we popped out on the hairpin turns over at Hickson Wharves.

It seems a massive pane of glass was dislodged down near Barangaroo, possibly from the BT building. Half the block was fenced off. Had to work our way around the water to get back into the CBD. By the time I was done, 13k had been banked!

Great to get a normal feeling in the legs again. 5 days after C2S.

Cute photo of Rini today.

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