End of Week

End of Week

Thursday – Mosman

New route today. I asked for Centennial, but was overruled. Cremorne Point.

Jogged over the Bridge somewhat tentatively. Noticed the back soreness has flared up a little. Perhaps I went to too hard on the kettlebells this week? Went the usual route which means a net downhill to Cremorne Point. Not sure what game Charlie is trying to play but he seemed particularly sensitive to gravity today.

What that meant for me was being dropped on the descent, then waiting at the peak for him to catch up. Took me legs some time to warm up but never really felt comfortable. Got to the Point itself and chose a special back route which entailed Mosman Marina and a whole lot more hills.

Coming back up to MP, I chose the long way whilst my companion took the short cut across the park. Maybe a 2 min lead back the office. I picked up the pace, passing Ray Wareham (what is he doing?) near MP station. Surged a good 900m on the Bridge at 3:25s but was unsuccessful.

13k all up. Tough run

Friday – Inner West

Slept in and did not feel guilty at all! Late morning it was cross-training time. I’ve been working on my back and core muscles in an attempt to fix my chronically tight ITBs (and sore back).

So it came down to noon for me to knock out the run. Chose to take Molly and did a 60 min loop covering Para Road, Five Dock, Drummoyne and Rozelle. Molly seems to be OK at 4:40s pace. She was pretty wrecked after 13k.

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