End of Week Easy

End of Week Easy

Legs normal again and though no desire to get back into the training yet. My mood is good and I’m enjoying running. Cross training is also going well having knocked out a Mon/Wed/Fri hat-trick.

Thursday – Pyrmont

One of those easy 12k runs from Bungalow 8 out to Jackson’s Landing and back. This seems to be a default for Sam and I. I’ve suggested to the big man (Sam) that his ACL issues – or something knee related – will go away if he 1) loses 10kg, and 2) slowly builds the Ks up. He’s trying to quit booze and sugar with limited success.

Anyway, I ran through the Rocks, then did the 10k out and back from B8. That got me to 13k at 4:50s. Beautiful day.

Friday – HuRTS

Just four of us for a wharves session – Frenchman Jerome, James (?) and another bloke whose name I should know by name. This Vivid festival near CQ plus a Book Writers event on the Hickson Wharves has created massive traffic issues. That meant we missed out on the Opera House bit, and two wharves.

Luckily none of us are that level of OCD such that we freak out when the course is modified. Hit the green doors at Barangaroo and cut back into the CBD for 12k all up. A good chance to catch up with the charming and talented Frenchman.

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