End of Week Strides

End of Week Strides

Thursday – Pyrmont

0-8k with Wongy around the Wharves and into Pyrmont. I really wanted to get the run-down of how his M7 Marathon went on the weekend where he ran a negative split 3:22. Unsurprisingly, there really wasn’t much to report on from his end aside from:

1) A muscly Kenyan girl blowing spectacularly at 25k (and subsequently walking)
2) Fantastic views of highway traffic and cows

Linked up with Sam and a bit with Liam half way into the run to see out my desired 65 min. Ran out to Jackson’s Landing, then back to the Fairfax Lawn where we were to round out with 11x80m strides. Legs were somewhat reluctant to cooperate so these turned into 70% efforts.

14k all up

Friday – Solo

Windy day despite the beautiful sun. Jogged over to FC on my own and started with 12x170m strides on the grass. Saw Kevin, and later Eoin jogging past but failed to join them as I was committed to my strides. Then jogged over to Hickson to see out the rest of the run. On wharf #1, I found Sammy J who has suddenly emerged after 6 months either at the Gym(?) or Bondi. SJ is now 5kg larger, and 30% more out of breath at 5:20 min/k.

As usual, I got the run-down on how his nappy change skills have improved after #2 baby arrived back in May.

Shorter one today, 13k all up.

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