End of Week

End of Week

Thursday – Wharves

X-training in the 6-6:30am slot before work. I am hoping to maintain this into CY17 provided it remains enjoyable. I now have more variations of body weight exercises and Kettle-bell techniques than my vocab. Hence, it’s easier just to call it 30 min strength.

Lunch – can’t imagine anyone would be at the 7x400s at Rushcutters per the calendar. Met champ at the Pillars, ran down to Opera House and looped back to join the HuRTS train. The train, as it moved through CQ, gathered even more individuals.

My company today was Renee, Champ, Elle, LJ, Lambert, Gus and Erika plus half a dozen I forget. Headed to Barangaroo, tapped on the white door marking the turn point before exiting back through the CBD.

What a great way to spend 60 min. 10km all up. 

Friday – Pyrmont

Erika had a really impressive JPM CC run, covering the 5.6k in near 3:30s pace and finishing #2 female. Had to hear her version of events and understand whether her husband (some 10s in front) was ever in her sight. Turns out she was closing fast.

Started at NAB building, ran the wharves and derived a 60 min run that involved no hills. This saw us out at Pyrmont after some crowd dodging back at CQ. The whole Hickson wharves, CQ, Pyrmont wharves is a feast for the eyes.

I think EJ will be a force to be reckoned with at the full marathon in 2017. She will only get better.

13k at 5:10s. 

Overall, I feel good. Not sleeping particularly well but I’ve certainly steered through the tricky post marathon period without issues.

Back at home, I hear Rini is progressing well with her swimming lessons. Whilst the cost/lesson concerns me, I am now more forgiving having seen how she looks in goggles.


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