Evening Strides

Evening Strides

Jammed in a lunch meeting today which meant giving the 2×20 min intervals a miss.

In the AM, I made sure to compensate via 20 min strength work. My newest pet hate is mountain climbers; high knee running in a push-up stance. Even 60s is enough to leave a grown man in tears – cardio, core and flexibility is required. By comparison, burpees, KB swings and various on-the-back ab work is easy!

11 hours later it was time for run #2. Took a nice scenic view around Darling Harbour, Pyrmont Wharves, Fish Markets and Blackwattle. As I swung by Jubilee Park, I stopped over for 8x150m strides. It was a contested space with kid AFL training.

12km all up in 60 min.

In the end, an extended evening run was not the right decision as Trinity was already in bed as I returned home.

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