Farm Cove Floats

Farm Cove Floats

What is it with Tuesday and the pulling power of a 5m wide concrete path linking Opera House to Mrs M Chair? A massive HuRTS turnout had turf wars with the following today:
– Pain in the Domain x 3 – those guys are pests as they surge, the stop mid-path
– oblivious tourists inside red trains
– school kids with no spatial awareness
– a “planker” on the grass
– a homeless guy on a bike, 90% covered in tattoos, nose rings, swearing and clearly high

The set was 8×5 min off a 60s float but I had other ideas. Felt enough to move at 4:00s today, which put me back-of-the-pack aside from a few surprise surges. In general, I used to chance to get some semi-quality Ks, work on the tan and chat w/ Sonya, Champ, Pete, Kiwi Mike and a few others. Kept in the mix for 7x5min, before heading back up to Art Gallery w/ Champ.

All in all, a solid 60 min run at 4:00s. It’s an awkward pace where I am neither recovering, nor doing speedwork.

Did the double commute on foot today. So that get’s me a touch over 20k for the day. Sore legs, still on the mend. Easy run tomorrow, then off to Malaysia for 8 days!

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