Farm Cove Strides

Farm Cove Strides

Another lunch meeting and another lost opportunity for group speed. Headed out too late and tagged onto the last 3km of Wooey/Matt’s run off Hickson. Added 7km solo back around Farm Cove then Garden Island. Near Harry’s hotdogs, crossed paths with early ‘deserters‘ from the Rushcutters set that included Jeet, Lambert and Mark.

Tracked back to Farm Cove steps to finish with 10x120m strides. Saw Jimmy Matthews doing secret training whilst I had success loosening my flat legs.

13km all up in 65 min. Feel better.

Should be pacing Timmy L to a 36 min 10km on Saturday. The guy is notorious for a fast 2km followed by a not-as-fast 8k. Years of experience seems to not have tempered this enthusiasm…

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