Father’s Day LR

Father’s Day LR


A raging all-night party next door basically cost me 80% of my precious 8 hours sleep. Very very angry. At 6am, those teenagers (?) were still going just I jogged East to meet the 6:30am crew! Luckily, the legs seemed in a better state though at that stage who knew if 30km was achievable.

Caught the team 2km into their 6km loop as they crossed Anzac Parade. By then I had already worked to 4:40s, allowing me to keep strides upfront with JFen and Ray. Back around to the Kiosk to pick up a few late starters at 7am for the 10km loop.

With the inner track fenced off for a race (?), we were forced onto the horse track which actually made the whole run more interesting. Time passed quickly with the main topic being a comparison of various Father’s Day initiatives that were forthcoming.

Pace was kept honest in loop 1, then dishonest on a loop 2 where only the hardcore were left. Now at 4:15s, Timmy was in the hurt locker, LJ was sucking wind and Neil, well who seemed just fine. Another 3/4 inner loop to the Fox Gates, this time at 4:00s was enough to end the conversations. We each had our goal distances and it’s then that my legs started to weaken. No matter, by then I was >30km and celebrated this with FD breakfast at Redfern.

Did not look at the watch until the food was served.

37km at 4:20s.  Glad to bank the Ks not helped by coughing and spluttering during and after the run.

To conclude – good friends for company, cracking Spring morning and a hearty breakfast courtesy of an equally unhealthy daughter (same fever).

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