Fishing Village out and back

Fishing Village out and back

Last run in Penang, possibly for a decade; Unless I return one year for the marathon in November. This depends on prize money. 

Met Kerry in the lobby and acted as a guide out to the same fishing village two days ago. Got through the tricky 2-5k segment in one piece by hugging the curb and screaming “bike” as required. I think we were on the same page in that 4.40s was about right. 

Did an extra 1.5k solo when my companion started feeling dehydrated at 6k – she went to buy water – so for me it was 7k out and back. Dropped K off to get her to 60min, then rounded out the run with 15x150m strides down the Shangri-la car park. Mainly to wake the legs in th absence of any decide speedwork last few days. Couldn’t be bothered dealing with crappy paths alone.

Very sticky today, but suffice to say I’m totally used to it after a week. Back home a touch after midday tomorrow. Dreading a red eye with a 1 yr old.

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