Five Bridges Loop

Five Bridges Loop

Five Bridges Loop

A mad attempt to change my Sunday routine. I had to arrive at 5:30am at Running Science, north side of Iron Cove), which means out the door at 5:18am. Panic-rolled out of bed and literally shirtless for 300m as I ran down to Orange Grove. Made it with 1 min to spare. Four of us set off down to Blackwattle Bay in pitch black: Fletch, Marty and Belinda.

Course took us into the CBD, the 5:00s way too hard pre-sunrise. Did my best to follow Belinda who I told off for an overly enthusiastic pace. Hit the corner pub at Pyrmont Bridge, which was jammed with drunkards and in fact a few chased us down the straight. Amazing how the day of the bachelor and runner crosses over at 5:55am.

A little quicker over Harbour Bridge before the long grind up Pacific Highway. Largely kept pace with B, with Fletch and Marty well back as we took a direct route to Lane Cove then back across Gladesville Bridge. Though the stomach was playing up from 20km, the last few bridges were a perfect distraction. I also love hills.


With the watch at 26km on Iron Cove, I added a short out-and-back with Fletch before heading home down Balmain Rd. A perfectly executed 30k just as I rounded the bend into my street. A nice round 30km done well before 8am. Lorie had not even awoken! Great to run with new faces.

30km in 2:29 at 4:58s.  

To recap, the biggest achievement was the start time. A bonus is crossing five bridges all before 8am – Pyrmont, Harbour, Lane Cove, Gladesville, Iron Cove). Legs are tired but niggle free.

A few official photos from the Striders Dinner on Friday. I am receiving some random award…


Friendly HuRTS contingent. Macca, Richard, Eoin, myself and Chairman Tom.


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