Germ-fest at home with the two little girls tag teaming in a never-ending sequence of Cs – coughing, crying and crapping. Have had to dial back my ambitions for the Harbour:10 which I had not too long ago hoped to have a crack at 33 flat.

Thursday – Pyrmont

Cycled to work today lacking the energy to do my usual commute jog. Lunch was my usual Pyrmont route with Sam. Initially I figured 10k would do, but on the way back from Jacksons Landing we threw in 7x80m strides on the Fairfax Lawn. It’s an odd little spot but a good one for stretching out the legs. Nice run all round, getting the distance to 13k by the time I was back at work.


Similar energy levels to yesterday, but this time I did a massively inefficient loop to work. Headed south to Marrickville, through Syd Station and up around Alexandria before deciding I had to (eventually) go and have breakfast (at work). 18k on the bike, which for me is massive.

Got back out there at lunch with Wooey who continues to use the excuse of a child (born 2015) as the reason why he’s not fit. I’m noticing he is OK up until 8k, then the form falls to pieces. Ran out toe Barangaroo, convincing the bloke to join me for 10x120m run-throughs. Found myself solo back through the wharves to see out 13k in total. Saw a few of the HuRTS including hipster Chris and Bron picking up the race bib for the H10 on Sunday.

Wish I could have gotten out to Timmy’s 50th tonight but the home situation is not overly compliant.


Ran over to LPAC in a horrible 8 degree morning. The lady at the desk said, ‘we forgot to turn the heater on, so the pool is 20 degrees‘…

I turned 180, and ran for my life. In the end my morning consisted an 9k run with more run-throughs at the soccer pitch along Balmain Road in Callum Park. Very light day (and 2nd half of the week) in exercise terms.

So that concludes Tues,Wed, Thurs, Friday, Saturday – easy run plus 10 run-throughs. This is the sort of training I can sustain when 1) demotivated, or 2) not 100%. I did manage to get in cross-training twice this week.

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