Fear of Missing Out. That’s my current emotion seeing such fantastic results coming out of GC. Very pleased to see Barts/Scotty nail the 10k, and multiple PBs in the half including Biggsy, Nick, Lambert, Jeet and Darren. Perhaps in 2018 I will re-attempt the full distance.

Sunday – Bay Run

Having completed my LR on Saturday afternoon, this was just bonus. Ran a CW loop of the Bay Run before sunrise, before meeting Matt at KG Oval for another few Ks. I expected to be really, really tired during the course of the 20k’er. Interestingly there was no signs of fatigue.

Matt has signed up for the Harbour 10k – I think he’s a shot at a sub 32 which is a little scary.

Monday – Wharves

Lots of new faces on the usual Monday route. I mainly chatted to James and Yum Cha both of whom are decent blokes. Ran into Elle down on the wharves who looks like she’s going to pop anytime – to be fair, she’s only 31 weeks. Pace slowed from 4:30s to 4:50s due to my decision to jog with Elle and YC. We touched the green door and cut back into the CBD to round out a cheeky 12k.

A few things on my mind today:

– I am a soon to be owner of the Bugaboo Runner Pram – what is a realistic marathon goal time and what course could I do it on?
– Who is the greedy one in the current Cricket Australia vs Players stand-still dispute?
– On the food blog side, I’m suffering from writers block. My last review was in January….

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