Friday Centennial, Saturday St Peters

Friday Centennial, Saturday St Peters

Friday – CP

Foot a little stiff from yesterday’s 1km reps, providing the perfect excuse for 6:15s pace into work. Closer to walking I must say.

Then at lunch, I wanted something easy. Managed to convince the injury-prone Tym B to join a small group of Jeet, Kev, Craig and another bloke for a 10km plus easy CP loop. Went via the Potts Point Rushcutters way, which sucks due to stairs and more stairs.

Once you’re in the Park, very joyous indeed. I barely noticed the pick-up in pace, mainly brought on by Irish Kev. With the watch at 9km, Jeet and I added 2km around the Lake, breaking away from the rest who departed at Fox. A surprise non-traffic interrupted streak down Oxford St left me in a good spot. The sort of run where you feel better at the conclusion.

14.5km at 4:45s.

PM – a tempo down Anzac Bridge back to Lilyfield. I was keen to see the daughter. Not usually my style; working from 4:20s to 4:00s for 5km after an initial 1km w/u in the CBD. The legs did not protest.

A good day of Ks. I feel way better at 7pm than I did at 6am. Funny that.

Saturday – Molly

Time again for a dog walk. Happy to take this one as slow as possible soaking in the clean air and early sun. Lots of sight seeing (and scouting breakfast opportunities). From memory a wander around Wicks Park Marrickville, then tracking the St Peters Parkrun, Erskinville Oval, Sydney Uni Engineering Campus, Glebe Markets and finally the pathways around Annandale. This is the life of an Inner West hipster.

Meanwhile, I almost forgot I had dragged Molly 20km at 5:10s. Good dog.

Once home, I was too lazy to head out to brunch. My attempt at poached eggs was a disaster.

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